10 March 2009

Il Braving la Tempesta

I think right now with the economy, life is a little bit like this suddenly approaching storm. Lots of scary things are happening to good people. Blake always tells me that famous quote, Life is not about waiting the storm, it's about dancing in the rain. Why does the economy have to stifle the ability t enjoy and love life? We should be able to find the nucleus of happiness and strive to stay connected. So what if we are forced into simplicity? Simplicity is ease: freedom from difficulty or hardship. The storm is obviously coming, and those who have invested more will be affected more, no doubt, but what a blessing to know that the ability to be optimistic can help us enjoy the duration. ""Life is to be enjoyed, not endured."Gordon B. Hinckley. It is scary! I think about the "what ifs" and I get really nervous. Especially right now with my life in the direction it is going. Blake and I are sorting out the future and thinking about being together and having to face this crazy world, with no assets,not a lot of education, and maturity as far as age is concerned, ha, maybe as far as everything is concerned! But, I do know one thing, we have our feet firmly on the ground were it is stable. A lot of the people I know are out at the "end of the peir" wondering why they are feeling the storm, but to know we have the stability of solid ground beneath our feet makes it not so scary. Be optimistic and find ways to simplfy life so that the storm although threatening, you are confident you are on solid ground. The is the blessing the gospel has been in my life. To be able to have the confidence that my steadfast and firm footing will give me exciting results. We can do it together.

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