07 February 2012

give+away time

in the bishop household we have one rule.
well, we actually have a lot of rules, but this is a big one.
"jac can not be in charge of plants."
i took it really hard at first.
i was defiant, and obstinate.
but eventually i had to come to the realization that i just simply did not have a green thumb. 

lucky for you, there are some who have the same problem. 
today's giveaway is probably one of my all time favorites.
doodlebird imaginariums is a lovely little shop on etsy i found not too long ago and have been loving ever since.
doodlebirdie carries inspiring woodland terrariums and other unique gifts.

did you know terrariums recycle their moisture, so they need very little attention?
just what a black thumb like mine could use.
i swear, i kill every plant that parks his roots in my home.

here are some of my shop favorites...

are they not so lovely?
terrariums offer that hint of freshness that every home needs without asking for tlc.

and today's giveaway is no exception.

become a follower of The Bishop's Wife for your chance to win a cottage chic terrarium.

perfect to welcome in spring.
since it is practically spring time out there today!

Already a follower? 

Leave me a comment and let me know what product from doodlebirdie you are swooning over.

Take luck!
Giveaway winner will be announced Friday!

ps- check out the sweet super bowl party we attended Sunday here.

All winners are chosen at random, using random.org. When entering giveaways please make sure to leave your email/contact information so that I can get back to you if you're the winner! Please also take a quick minute to subscribe to The Bishops' Wife blog! 


  1. Ooohhh...the rose bouquet necklace (http://www.etsy.com/listing/82380928/romantic-rose-bouquet-necklace-handmade) is too cute!

    I have been seeing terrariums everywhere and am starting to fall in love with them!

    XO Lourdes

  2. I definitely have a black thumb so the mini cloche terrarium would be perfect for our house!

  3. I would love to have one of these! My favorite is the Le Jardin Forest Treasures Terrarium with Chalkboard Plant Marker. So pretty!

  4. I love the white rabbit terrarium! You forgot about your "butt" rule. Apparently we're teaching Nikson bad words.

    1. Syssa- you can't put that on the blog, what if my mom sees it!

    2. Should she be blogging wilst serving the Lord?

  5. I' m in love with the white rabbit terrarium....I do have a black thumb but.....i'm getting better ,doing experiences:more or less water,changing the plants spots etc....sometimes i t works sometimes not!
    As for your question about that lovely book...i don't think you can find it in english .But if you're interested in teaching French to your son,i can send some books and links to lovely French lullabies.
    Have a very nice day
    (sorry, my english is not perfect)

    1. your english is great. will you please send me some more links? i love the look of that sweet book.

  6. I think I need the Bear Pair Bowl for that massive modern art shelf thing in our room..Okay great thanks! ;)

    PS. So glad you guys came on Sunday. Also, VERY glad I don't have to be fake friends with you cause your Chad's friend's wife!

    PSS. I'm stealing Nikson.

    PSSS. Did the girl who supposedly doesn't like babies really just say that? Better believe it.

  7. Thankyou for visiting my blog so i can know your great blog and this giveaway. I am your new happy follower. And I love terrarium! My fave is the Romantic Rose Bouquet Necklace.


  8. Oh gosh this is amazing! I have a black thumb just like you! Mike has to take care of all of our plants ;) Well I follow you already, and I love the Hanging Lichen Terrarium!

  9. hi Jaclyn, thanx for the comment....wow..amazing blog and lovely family!!! :)

  10. the acorn ladybug thingies, I think I'm in love!

  11. Oh and call me dorkus but I can't figure out how to follow your lovely blog.

    Hi, my name is Kristen and despite the fact that I have blog of my own I am unable to work this here new-fangled computer.

    The end.

  12. Hello - I was happily lead her by your sweet message and so excited to enter the giveaway! I love the living terrarium necklace and the chic one! So many choices! Excited to keep reading :)

  13. Thanks for your lovely comment, glad you liked zoe murphy's work! These terraniums are super sweet, I like cacti too, the don't die to easy either!x

  14. http://interiormagasinet.hegnar.no/index.php?page=inne

  15. I love the one with the bird and the acorns are DARLING!

  16. I'm too dumb to become a follower. I don't see a spot on your blog. Maybe I am already one..

    1. Ha ha! Yes Susan my dear you already are a public follower! You made the cut!

  17. thanks for your visit!!!

    your blog is so chic!


  18. I like them all. It is always great to add a little greenery to the house!