06 February 2012

kitchen pantry

good monday to you! 
did your weekend fly by as fast as ours did?
holy smokes!
we had the perfect weekend.
relaxed in park city, hung out with friends, and went to the most darling super bowl party.
way to go giants.

not only was it a great weekend, it was also a busy week. 
lots to do for organizing.
i have a client in alpine that needed her kitchen pantry done.
she sent me these photos.

is it weird that these pictures make me so excited?

i got to work.
the hardest part about organizing is purging the spot.
cleaning it, and prepping for new move ins.
that doesn't mean you throw everything away.
it just means that the spot needs to be completely empty in order for things to be put back in better order.
this house was a big deal, but SO FUN!

purging, cleaning, arranging.
the finished product makes me so happy.

categorized shelves help with unloading groceries and cooking. SO much easier.
big baskets are used to store onions, potatoes, and bulk items.

we moved her dishes that were in a side cabinet in the main kitchen to the funky diagonal shelving.
this enables everyone to see all the dishes and not wonder what food is tucked deep.
her baking goods were put in cute wire baskets so she could pull them out all in one container.
one shelf was used for her appliances that are daily or weekly used.
the hidden shelving to the right help all paper and plastic goods that no one needs to see, but need to be easily accessible.

 the "quick foods" were placed besides the fridge so her kids can have a good grab and go spot.
i usually put cereals in their own bins, but this family goes through cereal so quickly that it wasn't something my client wanted to do.
and that's cool.

appliances she rarely gets to were placed on the top of the pantry in order so she can see what she has instead of having them buried in dark places.

our give-away pile.
i rarely throw everything out.
we just find better places for things.

would you like a free consultation?
email me at jacsgotstyle@gmail.com

i love answering questions too.

have a great day!


  1. Replies
    1. i think we need to go to lunch! wanna meet halfway?!

  2. ummmm can you come do this in my house?! ; )

    1. steph- lets do it! you can help me dress cute and i will organize your house! Ha!

  3. Oh goodness! This makes me want to go organize my cabinets and pantry! Inspiring!

    Bennett Love

  4. I spy Santitas! woot-woot.

    And HOW do you know stephanie?????

    1. ahh santitas. nothing like a good cheap bag of 'em! i follow her blog. i think she is darling. found you today via pencilbox.

  5. I wish that my pantry looked that organized. Wow!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. You made the pantry look so lovely! I definitely need something like this in my kitchen, at the moment it is so disorganised! xo


    1. sarah- if you are interested, email and i will give you some tips!

  7. This is great Jacklyn!!!!! and NOT at all we all all have our joys :) the mere sight of a craft store gives me a rush, so i feel you!!! Im also an avid organizer, but i have yet to get payed for it! lol although i have made my bf pay for not putting stuff back in place!!!

    you family is so adorable by the way, and the quote over your pic in the right corner is amazing!!!
    love you blog,

    love K

  8. Oh I love how organized that looks! I am a big fan of things being organized! I think you have my dream job! =)

  9. You did a fabulous job!!! I love organizing things as well. I just did that for my mother in law this past weekend :)

    1. i just read about that. sounds like you need a tub!

  10. well done. i am pretty impressed. i always haphazardly throw my pantry together and it drives me crazy.

  11. you feel so good when things are organized....You did a great job Jaclyn.
    Ha ve a nice week.

    1. thanks girl. look forward to seeing what you come up with for my viewing pleasure this week.

  12. Great job! I wish I had a pantry!! :-) One day...

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Awesomely organized! great job!


  14. You did a great job! I love the before & after images!
    They also remind me that I have a pantry of my own, whose organising I am postponing for ages. :D

  15. It's such a satisfying feeling to have everything organized.

  16. you are incredible girl! i wish i could be this organized, but it never lasts. blah.
    keep rockin' on girl!
    xo TJ

  17. I'm jealous of your skills! I wish I loved closer do I could have you organize my liitle home. So impressive! Xoxo