18 January 2010

Mentre i gatti lontano i topi giocano

Blake and a few mates headed to Vegas for Geek Week..end. They signed up for CES International where thousands of guys in Dockers with sweater vests join in amazement, being amongst the first consumers to witness what 2010 has to offer to the fast growing world of technology. I will be the first to admit being married to a geek totally rocks. He got to see the new world of 3D and what products have been made to accommodate. He got to vote for the best product of 2010 and play an Avatar video game in 3D. I have never seen such a happy camper!


Tyson...Hooray for CES!

Avatar in 3D...as a video game

Touch it...I still don't know what this is all about.

Blake in a dream... The Fiat Abarth 500

That's a really big TV

While the boys played, I got to have some fun on my own. Natalie Call, one of my besties, and I have been planning just as much for this weekend as the boys! Crafts. The thought was a little intimidating at first, but with much success I had a weekend full of crafts, bubble tea, and no sleep!
Project #1
Felt Flower Pillows

Natalie was the master mind behind these loveys. I cut petals and attached buttons, but she is really the talented one!

Project #2
I Love You Jatlyn

How cute are these pillows? The boy is talking sweet nothings to the girl and the phone line curls up into a heart! We decided to make these more personalized so I have a little birdie and Blake has our chinchilla, Panda, with him.

We drew the characters and then stitched the phone line. So cute!

Project #3
Ruffly Felt Wreath

We made these ruffly felt wreaths...it takes forever and my thumb was bruised, but we did it.

My wreath has found it's way nicely on my mantle that is still in limbo as to how to decorate it!

Project #4
Operation Restore Old Desk

I started painting a desk I have had since my freshman year of high school...compliments of my best friend Ashley Peterson.

The Finished Product...minus the hardware! I LOVE IT!!!

Project #5
Nat's getting some highlights!

Nat got her hair done by the one and only, Anne Bench, who is now taking clients in Utah. Seriously consider switching to her if you know whats good for your hair! Ha!

The weekend was a blast, but I much prefer Blake home in my bed. I struggled a bit with the sleeping thing. I did alright though!


  1. I love the pillows! Cute cute cute!

  2. I like the desk painted black! I can't believe you still have it!