24 January 2012

Baby's First Birthday

Is it really true?
Do we really have a one year old?

This past weekend we celebrated Nikson's first birthday in style.
Thanks to some very sweet friends who talked mama into having a party.
Blake and I kept laughing because we didn't really know what to do.
You feel a little silly throwing a party for someone who can't even tell you what they want!
But it turned out quite lovely.

Nikson had his very own gluten free, vegan cake and cupcakes compliments of the very best City Cakes and Cafe
Their food is fabulous and totally Nikson friendly.
It also happens to be a hop, skip, and a jump down the street form us so that is great.
Especially since we got hammered with snow.

I used newspaper for our theme because I saw this party on Project Nursery.
It was super inexpensive aka free and really gave this treat table some class.

"I don't know how I feel about this."
"What is on my head?"

"You guys are making me nervous."
"All this singing is giving me stage fright."

"Mom do I have to in front of all these people?"

"Maybe just a little bit."

That'a boy.
It was a really great night.
We feel really blessed to have people in our lives that love the little as much as we do.
Well, maybe not as much, but pretty darn close!


  1. The party was smashing! Well done jac. I like the new blog page too, looks loooovely!

  2. What an amazing 1st birthday party! Well done hot mama!! Loving the little changes to The Bishop's Wife too :)

  3. @The Egg @ Allyssa- Thanks ladies.

  4. Love the newspaper bunting and cupcake toppers! Can't beat adorable and free :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love all the elements, pennants on the cake, jars(!), and of course his hat!! Adorbs!!!

    Xx. Patience

  6. @ladycardon you need to come visit SLC...NOW!