01 October 2011

A Six Month Awaited Weekend

Every six month we get the opportunity to watch and listen to the LDS General Conference.
It's my favorite time of the year.
I love snuggling with the family and listening to the messages shared.
It is also fun because you can feel a change in the air.
Not only do I get to be spiritually edified, but it marks the beginning of fall.
A lot of people love spring because it marks the beginning of things.
Fall for me marks the putting off of old things, and a sense of renewal.
The changing of the leaves are brilliant in the Rockies this year.
The air is a little crispier.
And I now can wear cardigans and people don't think I am crazy. 
(I wear them all through summer, I know, heat stroke, right?)
Hopefully today I can 
get a wall in the house painted, 
some bulbs planted, 
and then tonight...
caramel apples with my sister.
I love this weekend.

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