01 February 2010

Giocare intorno

So here I am...listening to Tik Tok...why? Because I hate that it is stuck in my head. I decided tonight that for Valentine's Day I want a tea set! I love tea! my mom raised me on herbal tea from Melaluca. My whole mission I drank tea instead of Hot Cocoa and I absolutely adore it. I figured Valentine's Day is a guilty pleasure holiday so I decided to indulge in a vintage tea set. I will let you know how I do! Blake has been really cute about the whole idea and is trying to help me pick out the perfect set. I want to be classy and I figured, every classy lady owns a tea set.
Nat posted her cute headband we started when the boys were gone, here is mine. It is a big thing.

Just call me Andy Warhol

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  1. Mrs. Sister Bishop! Love this post!! We have a place called bulk barn and you can get the coolest herbal teas ever...I have madagascar vanilla.
    I am too obsessed with Tea Sets or actually tea cups... I think nearly any thrift store has at least cute floral tea cups...so pretty!

    Heart it!