20 February 2010

oh le penne di pavone

I got to spend Saturday at home with my dearest, which is unusual since my Saturdays now consist of sitting in a model home wishing I had brought a basket full of crafty projects or finishing up homework. BUT yesterday I was stricken with some kind of illness... I assume it is a common cold, but my heart wishes it was something worse so Blake would have to stay home all next week and tend to my needs. Alas, it is merely a sore throat, a schizophrenic stuffy/runny nose, and bad headache that have kept me home. I am grateful I got the time off. When I am sick, I normally just lay in bed long enough for the feathers in my pillow to form around my head while I watch reruns of Full House, but I was up at 8, showered, prettied up, and organizing my life. No rest for the weary. I am grateful for a catch up day. I feel like I have been going a hundred miles an hour. Work and school all the time so it was nice to spend time with Blake without feeling rushed or deprived. While Blake was pretending to do homework I busted out the headbands and made one that has been a vision, looming in my head for a while. Love it. I have this thing for peacock feathers. Something about them...

Blake took this while we hung out at B and N. We play a game where we go and find anything we are interested in and then meet up and show and tell, then we read. It is fun. I think it would be even more romantic is we shared a hot chocolate, but B and N only stocks Starbucks, and Blake doesn't do the dark chocolate business, strictly milk for that man so we just sat near the cafe and smelt what I could through one nostril. I started reading Three Cups of Tea, for my book club, and I am excited to get into it. I am actually not a big reader at all so this whole "book club" thing is a bit of a stretch for me. I guess this is a year for stretching though. I read a lot when I was little, but just haven't gotten into it since middle school. I think it will be a good thing. The goal is for this year to be a time where I deepen who I am. I am reading a lot more than usual, and finding that my writing is a lot more enjoyable as well. Enjoyable for myself to read anyway...I guess the biggest goal is not only to take in what I read but to do something about it. Becoming someone who is informed and persuasive. It is one thing to read hundreds of books and have a library like Beauty and the Beast, but it is another to read and start the changing process. That is what it I feel good reading really is. That is why people who read the Book of Mormon, sincerely, want to change. I think that is my lens with taking on this reading adventure, learn and change.

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  1. I now have the thing you had. Sucks. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better!