14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Baby boy was too tired to wish everyone Happy Valentine's, so we did it for him.

My Funny Valentine. I have the biggest crush on him. He is my best friend. We just like to be together, which sometimes gets crazy, but what relationship doesn't get crazy. "One time we almost fell out the window together." I really have a great admiration for Blake and the great person he is. He does everything his very best and I am grateful I get to be a part of his life. And don't worry, I tell him this stuff on other days too.

I get two Valentine's this year, and this one has my heart and my tan, but he has Blake's too.
(Boy he is good!)

Blake and I aren't ones to "go all out" for Valentine's Day. Shouldn't you always be telling each other how much you love them? I guess its just exciting for people because it is another excuse to do something. Well, since our new arrival, being able to do something hasn't been obsolete, but it has put activities on time constraints. Baby boy has gotta eat and taking him out isn't ideal since it is RSV season, yuck. So what are out big plans you ask?

Couch Picnic! Gotta love it.

Except because we like to make things difficult... we have cookies instead of popcorn, Chicken Enchiladas instead of takeout, Audrey Hepburn the film of choice, and a Nikson.
It will be a great night.

I fly to Colorado tomorrow to spend time with my family and especially my mama. Pray my baby does not get sick! I will keep you posted.


PS- Shout out to Desi who is going to be a Messam. Congrats girl! We love you.

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