02 April 2011

General Conference

President Thomas S. Monson

General Conference is kind of a big deal for the LDS religion. It is a conference held twice a year, the first Saturday and Sunday of April and October. It is now that we get to hear from the prophet and the apostles as they address the world. Why do I love it? It is through these addresses that I gain a stronger testimony of the reality of a living Christ, I gain a brighter hope for the future, and I understand the meaning of why we are here on Earth. These things are important to me and help me to "get through life". As a new mama it is important for me to have spiritual direction especially in a world that is so confusing. We have this new little spirit in our home that we are to nurture and love, but we also have to teach him correct principles of life. I love this baby so much and I want to do what is best for him always. I feel a sense of strength after conference is over and a refreshed resolve to be a better wife and now mother. Conference is available to watch here and anyone can watch. Happy Weekend!


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