26 April 2011

.three months old.

so it is right around three months that our son has started to get a little personality. He had his first, out loud, real laugh Sunday morning when Blake was playing around with him. I wanted to cry it was so darling. He has been the best baby ever and I love every second I get with him. We found out after a sad little week of rashes and spit up, that Nikson has a little peanut allergy, thanks to his mom who has been taking full advantage of Easter's commercialism and has been pounding the Reeses Eggs like nobody's business. What a jerk! So no nuts for Mama Bird. It's alright though, this no dairy and no Reeses thing should really do the "get my body back in shape" trick. Urgh, i mean, anything for the little. (with a face like his i would stop eating anything.)

The boy puckers like his mama.

So sad, but how darling are those ears? Am I right or am I right?

This is how he is all day. He just smiles so big. So pleasant and endearing, unless of course he just had some peanut backfire, then he is a little sad.


  1. Yay he finally fits into his onsie!! I would die if I couldn't eat reese's if my kid has a peanut allergy we may have to compromise him or her

  2. Don't worry Jaclyn, I'll have a Reese's for you. He is so adorable. Every time I read your blog I get teary eyed... I am old! I cry at everything. I think the real reason is because I miss you so much! I can't wait to see you guys!