21 July 2011

Headed for Nambe Street

Tomorrow the little and I are headed down south for Farmington, New Mexico. My darling and beautiful Granny passed away last Saturday. It's one of those funerals that will be bittersweet. Bitter because she will be missed tremendously. Sweet because the reunion she will have in Heaven will be one of the greatest. She gets to be with my Granddad, who died eleven years ago, her son, Uncle Butch, who passed twenty years ago, her mother, Mamie, who died eighty three years ago, Baby Luke, who passed in January, and so many others. The greatest reunion for her will be when she meets the Savior though. She has done everything she possibly can in this life to exemplify true Christ-like qualities. She truly knew what it meant to be a disciple of Christ. All she did was serve and for that she will be missed. She was my last living grandparent so it's been a bit sad. I am sad Nikson never got to meet her. She was so fun to be around and oh she was witty. Not only will she be remembered by her sweetness, but I will always remember hot ham and cheese sandwiches and Cheerios, half honey and half regular. She took great care of us. I love her very much.

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