29 November 2011

my secret battle

I married a gamer.
I think most girls my age have.
I am learning to just let it be.
I like to help old ladies clean their homes and make girls feel good about themselves.
Blake likes to slay dragons and storm cities made of pixels.
Aren't we the perfect pair?

(Blake, you should be careful what you email me. Love you sweats.)


  1. Fortunately Trevor is not a gamer but don't worry, he still has his fair share of distractions. If it isn't gaming...it is something else. :)

  2. Lets compare apples with apples here. Saying your charity and church callings compares with my playing of video games is slightly skewed. Could we agree that it may compare with your affinity towards movies and "pinning on pintrest"? I feel like that would be a more fair comparison.

    *read with a huge amount of sarcasm*

  3. Hahaha Blake. Love the cartoon. It is all too true.