08 December 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...Little Okins Guest Post

Christmas just ain’t what it used to be.  The older I get, the more the magic fades and I miss the days when my sister and I would stay up all night giddy with anticipation wondering what Santa would bring us.

I remember one Christmas, I really really wanted this charm bracelet I had seen in a catalog. I carriedthat catalog with me everywhere, coveting the giant sparkly “diamond” and imagining what photo I would put inside the small little locket.  I bugged my mom relentlessly and put it onthe top of my Christmas list to Santa.

I woke up that Christmas morning bursting with excitement and my sister, brother and I rushed downstairs to find our gifts and we waited impatiently for our parents to wake.  It felt like magic the moment I ripped open the wrapping paper and saw the shiny gold charm bracelet that I had wanted so badly.  I remember feeling so incredibly happy.

I have long outgrown the charm bracelet I had once wanted so badly.  It’s now dingy and a couple of charms are missing, but after all of these years,it’s still one of my most treasured possessions.  It reminds me of this incredibly magical moment where I believed that dreams could come true. 

It makes me miss being a kid. I miss the excitement of Christmas.  I miss ripping wrapping paper off and screaming with delight.  Although appreciative, I’m slow to open gift cards and cash enclosed in generic greeting cards, knowing the magic of Christmas is definitely not hiding inside. 

Now, it’s better to give than receive.  I love to give gifts.  I love creating simple and uniquely magical moments that will be remembered forever.   This holiday I wish you and your loved ones an abundance of magical moments.  If you’re looking for a little help in creating a little holiday magic for your loved ones, check out my Little Okins… the perfect mix of thoughtfulness and the element of surprise!


I got Blake a little okins. 
It is hiding in his stocking.
I don't know who is more excited!

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