17 January 2012

Daily Inspiration

I am a blog-loving lady.
I  have made blogging a part of my daily routine.
I love checking in on long distance friends and I swoon over design blogs.
I ADORE design blogs!
Some may consider it an addiction. (hmm, Blake?)
I say if that is my addiction then I am doing alright.
Blake likes blogs too, you know.
He pretends like he doesn't check them, but I know he does.
Oh yes, I know he does.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. little blue deer 2. The Yvestown Blog 3. French By Design 4. 6th street design school
5. birch and bird 6. emmas designblogg

1. design shack 2. zen habits 3. uncrate 4. lifehacker

Happy Blogging

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