01 February 2012

the swan prince

as of late the little has been completely obsessed with animals.
i mean, really, truly, obsessed.
he sees anything with a tail and he full on freaks out.
met these birds.
nikson was honking the whole weekend.
loved them.

swans are actually quite rude.
snap snap.
all the time.

it was all we could do to keep him from flipping over the fence and going swimming.

he is such a tiny little squirt!

 this also has become a daily to-do for father and son.

now although i won't even kind of consider a dog, my heart was stolen by these black beauties.
check out those beaks!
i am now trying to figure out where we could put a pond in the back.
black swans are way more friendly than white ones.
these guys would greet us every time we walked up to the pond.

thanks zemke's for a fabulous weekend!
thanks to the morgan's for giving us a great reason to see the lds temple.

and thanks to Kristen Bell for being my thursday entertainment.

i may have watched this video one too many times.
ellen cracks me up.
i think i am still wetting my pants...so funny.


  1. props on the new header and signature. such a little creative one you are. i dont think you want swans, they'll poop all over your yard. kid + swan poo = not a fun clean up.

    toodles the egg out west.

    1. thanks egg. it's all a process, but it has been coming along!

  2. You should have put a disclaimer on those last two pics, so you don't frighten your viewers. "Allyssa is not normally a whale. She is just pregnant folks."

  3. But now that I think about it, it's very fitting you posted those pics cause this post is all about animals. Good job.

    1. Um, my hips are just as wide as yours and that's post pregnancy. you look fabulous!

  4. ha, oh gosh. i definitely put this kristen bell video on my site too. SO hilarious! and i've never seen black swans before. so beautiful!
    xo TJ

  5. i developed a major girl crush on kristen bell when i watched ellen this day. and i will admit i've watched the video several times since that day- each time i'm not sure whether i should cry or laugh at her reaction!