01 February 2012

sucker for design

anyone who knows me, knows i am a design fanatic.
there is something about a well-designed room that excites me.
i have been collecting images from homes i admire for years now in hopes that one day we get to build our dream home.
i even go to the extent of contacting architects, builders, photographers, and designers.
yes, it's that bad.
thank heavens for pinterest  for now i can have all my images in a consolidated spot.
at first i thought the attraction i had was weird, but i am learning that more and more people have the same addiction.
take my friend nora, from round-circles.
her eye for design is simple and so classy.
she introduced me to a new design blog to love, La maison d'Anna G.
Here are some of the images i am completely in love with.

i love incorporated lots of textures and materials.
the wooden apples and the glossy cabinet call to me.

hello spindle tables!
spindle is everywhere right now and i am obsessed.

this is blake's kind of master suite.

again, mixing. Did you notice the black nesting dolls?
they are fantastic.

i really love how europe occupies funky spaces without causing clutter and chaos.

those floors are to. die. for.

the eames rocker, pb tolix cafe chairs, the painted radiator.
doesn't it just feel fresh, bright, and homey?

what is your favorite home design style?
do any of you have a favorite design blog?
leave me a link in your comment.
have a swell day!

ps- the blog is going through some mighty changes. please be patient as this little lady is indecisive.
trying to make the blog a business is big stuff.
help a sista out and become a follower!


  1. Jaclyn,I'm so happy you liked that blog....and being a design addict is great...you sharpen your eye,get more precise in your choices and ...make friends all over the world.
    Have a great day!

    PS: in your previous post i love the second picture of your lovely son under taht AMAZING and beautiful tree:Great picture

  2. I love looking through pictures of beautiful homes and dreaming. I have a binder with magazine pages torn out for inspiration of our future home.

    1. Carrie, what are some of your favorites?

  3. Hey Jaclyn
    you might know emmas designblog, this is her pinterest


  4. I adore your blog Jaclyn! Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by mine too :)

  5. I'm exactly the same! I have so many folders on my computer with photos of bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, etc that I love. It kind of makes me want to be an interior designer! Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment, have a great day! :)

  6. http://pinterest.com/deborahbeau/