31 January 2012

one. mom's feelings.

being the mother to this little man has been the most rewarding experience.
i can not believe it has been a year.
i have my hands in a lot of buckets right now, trying to manage many ventures.
i have found that my greatest happiness and joy has come from my sweet connection with this little one.
he has been such a huge blessing in our lives.
blake and i were really nervous about having a baby so early in our marriage.
that surprise took nine months to be accepted.
as soon as he came, things changed.
for our own relationship and the relationship we have with God.
He knew that we needed this special soul.

i understand how every mother in the world can think their own child is the best.
it is because they get to spend moments with them that no one else does.
i love looking threw my rear view mirror and seeing his legs bouncing to the beat of good music.
i love that he laughs when i dance crazy during lunch or when we just lay in bed playing "tickle tickle".
he is smart.
he knows when dad is home because he can hear the MINI pull up the driveway.
he makes animal noises that are cool like elephant, tiger, and peacock.
i laugh that he is now tall enough to reach for things he used to not even try for.
he used to barely peer over his toy box and now half his body disappears into the toys.
he bounces every time music comes on.
i love that.
i love all sixteen pounds of him.
even though he is little, he is big.
bigger than i think we realize.
i am lucky to be his mom.

we asked him, "who is the cutest boy?"
he raised both hands.
a couple college chicks were watching.
they fell in love.

we got to spend the weekend in st. george, utah with some of our best friends.
it was much needed time away.
beautiful time away.

Pictures taken by The White Antler at The Saint George Temple.


  1. LOVE your hair! your little man is awesome and clearly has good taste in music! you are a lucky momma to have such a cutie~

  2. @the egg: girl you need to come meet him. we just rocked out to coldplay every teardrop a waterfall. he loves it!

  3. Suuupercute photos!! and I love your gorgeous hair!!


  4. Oh Jaclyn! What a lovely family you have :) The pics are really great too - Best Wishes!!

  5. That shot of the three of you is sooo lovely!

  6. What a gorgeous family! It sounds like motherhood is bringing out the best in you.
    Thanks for dropping by my page! I totally remember that Pepsi commercial with Kate Beckinsale. WHOA is right ;)

    1. rolala- sometimes I wish I had her bod. Yowzers!

  7. beautiful family and beautiful post!!

  8. Oh he sounds like such a sweet little boy! I learned that love at first sight existed the moment my son was born. These will be so special for him to read one day!
    And btw, your hair is gorgeous!

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  10. He is such a cutie. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. :) P.S. I LOVE your hair color!