03 April 2012

Harlington Abbey

one thing you should know about me.
i LOVE houses.
did you see those capitals?
i ADORE design, decor, architectural beauty, etc.
so when the harling's gave me permission to photograph their home i was thrilled.
located in the uplands of downtown Salt Lake City, this modern beauty rests, overlooking the excitement of a growing city.
embracing the beauty and simplicity of california mid-century design
i give you
the most amazing house on the planet utah.
(i should write for real estate, i feel like that was pretty good.)

everything in the house screams herman miller.
eames would definitely be proud.

especially when some items aren't replica's, but they are the real deal.
all i can say.

i joke with lord and lady harling that if they evr need someone to rent out their second level, we would be more than happy to assist them.
they laugh.
i am secretly serious.
let me show you why...

i just think our little family would be a beautiful asset to this level.
one of the things that got my heart racing the moment i stepped through the vault was the classy chairs.
for those of you who, you would agree.
there is some serious character for your behind's pleasure.

 not only are the chairs fun to look at...and sit in, but the bathrooms will have you gawking.

every little detail in this home has been perfected.
from the symmetry of perfectly placed pears, to the beauty of the skeleton leaf window panes.
the beauty of a wood grain end table to the shine of an eames plywood chair.
it is amazing how the look of mid-century modern is still around and more glorious than ever.
it's simple.
it's sophisticated.
and for some reason it is calling my name.

a special thanks to lord and lady harling for letting me share with you what i believe to be one of the purest gems salt lake city has to offer.
this is harlington abbey.


  1. This house is gorgeous!! I wan a live there :)
    Great blog!! Lots of LOVE

  2. This is easily the most perfectly amazing house I have ever seen! Good job on the photography as well!

  3. That staircase rocks! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, I'm a new follower of yours! xoxo, eliza

  4. I think I just scrolled through those pics with my mouth open the whole time. So beautiful!

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  6. no where near that level, but you should come check out my place sometime sister joo....bishop ;)

  7. wsmodern.blogspot.com (ps this is Thomas)

  8. so many amazing pieces! great photos lady!

    xo the egg out west.

  9. your commentary was killing me. so good.