23 April 2012

the spring turned into summer.

this weekend just happened to be one of the best weekends.
long walks in the park,
firepit, smores, good company,
and lots of the little getting really dirty.
i love that this weather lets me put him in a onesie.
he always looks like a disaster.
don't judge, i am a mother who loves her baby.
also, take a look at handsome.
ow ow.

the new mode of transportation!
the crab walk.
if you have babies, when did yours start walking?

do you have a pair of shoes you just can't let go of?
they are like walking on worn cardboard, but hey, to each their own.

another exciting thing happened this weekend...
no we didn't get another pooch!
Lucy, the almost fox, came to stay with us while my best friend brought this little guy into the world.
we are so so so so so so so so so so so excited!
can you tell?
look at that chubby face!
Nikson got to meet him last night and he patted his head and kissed him.
now every time i show him Finn he smiles really big and starts to wiggle.
they will have wonderful adventures.


  1. My little Dot has just started walking! She's 13 months - but she's got friends who started walking at 10 months (eep!) and some who didn't bother until 15 months - we've got lots of bumps and bruises at the moment though from all her stumbling! x

  2. LOL @ his crab walk!! He is so adorbs! I'm glad it was warm enough to put a onesies on him.. looks like we weren't the only ones to get some good sunshine and heat! LOVE IT!

  3. Love the picture where he's looking at his hanfd. Haha! :)


  4. those are the best kinds of weekends!

  5. Cherish EVERY moment of this Jaclyn! This was my favorite age and it flew by so quickly and he's grown SO fast that I hardly remember him at this stage! Good thing I have pictures of him (in white onesies too :) that I can reminisce over... :)

    Cutest little man you have! I love it! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!


  6. So in love with that crab walk! And that is a great picture of the little fox. Lots of cute all around :)

  7. Ah, so sweet! My Bennett does the same crawl when he is outside. My first didnt walk until 14 months and B isnt even trying yet. They all figure it out in due time!

  8. Jaclyn, I almost forgot! I just thought I'd let you know I've given you a Liebster award on my blog! x

  9. Aw, sounds like you guys had a great weekend!! We did too except it went by too fast! But they always do! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Love great weekends and babies in onesies :) Mia started walking just after her 1st birthday!

  11. Aweee so cute! Looks like you all had a lovely weekend!

    The Urban Umbrella


  12. oh my gosh, he is SO ADORABLE!! and I definitely still have my old converse from high school- they are full of holes and useless as shoes but I can't let them go!!

  13. It may just be my hormones but this made me teary eyed. They totally will have fun adventures!