24 May 2012

is it a virtue?

yesterday i had an awesome discussion about progression with a close friend.
my thoughts proceeding the conversation were a little like this...
i feel like i am in way over my head, but instead of cleaning out unnecessary to-dos i just pile them up and hope for the best.
i want to be a runner, a reader, a cook, a nutritional expert, an allergy specialist, a dermatologist, an entrepreneur, a gospel scholar, a great leader for my girls at church, a fabulous wife, and a fantastic mother.
do you know how hard it is to get all these things mastered in one day?
holy cow. talk about feeling insecure.
so i brought up my predicament and felt much more relieved to know i am not alone.
i sense that many of us feel pressured to be perfect when in all reality, we are not ever taught to be "perfect".
it is about progression.
did you catch that? it's tricky because they almost sound the same. say it fast: perfect/progress.
see what i mean?
progress is continually moving forward and onward. seeking to be better than the day before.
perfect is already being there and having no need to change.
do you tend to be one who wants to be five years advanced and yet hates waiting five years to get there.
what the heck?!
patience has never been my strong suit.
my friend and i concluded that most of our progress will happen has life happens. in the things we experience unexpectedly rather than what we plan for.
we didn't plan on nikson and that alone has changed everything about our lives.
it is interesting what one must do in order to actually progress. there is effort involved, a breaking of bad habits or smoothing out some habits that have potential for growth, and a resolution and determination to achieve something greater.
handsome started reading a book titled, born to run, and it has kind of motivated us to exceeding our own expectations. my eyes have been a little more opened to the capabilities of humans.
there is an obvious pull within me to compare, which is dangerous, but mostly it has fueled me with the desire to keep at "it".
some days i am not the perfect wife or mother or leader.
but other days i try to be better.
i also have to admit that my buns probably won't ever be as juicy as gisele's, my food may never taste as great as rachael ray's, and my life may never seem as perfect as naomi davis.
thats ok with me. i will create my own great.
i can progress with real power when i embrace that fact that becoming better is just as great as the desire for perfection.
besides, why would i want to miss out on what makes me the happiest?

photo by tyson call


  1. I feel that way alot too.. trying to fit everything in in one day and just feeling so exhausted and tired by the end of the day. No one expects us to be perfect but we expect ourselves to. Its funny how that happens. Love this post :)

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  2. you are definitely not alone and it's something i struggle with too. in fact, on monday I finally had a complete breakdown and just bawled my eyes out for a while. right now i'm trying to finish school, work, train for a ragnar, lose some weight, and be a good wife who cleans, cooks, and does laundry. and holy cow does it get overwhelming. but i completely agree that we shouldn't be striving so much for perfection, but rather progression.

    also- i miss you! and i'm sad about this weekend :(

  3. I know how this feels! I went to school for 3 semesters but had to stop again so I can take care of other plans. I passed by my school this morning and felt a pang of guilt that I'm not in school. Oh well... Great things come to those who wait anyway :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  4. Just remember that people look at you and think, "I wish I had her life! She is PERFECT!" You are beautiful, talented, and kind. Give yourself a break woman! Sure miss you!

  5. "I will create my own great." <--- I love that, Jaclyn!

    p.s. y'all are the cutest little family :)

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog! I really love this post, it's something so many women (including myself) struggle with. It's comparing myself to others that gets me! But you're right, growth is really all that matters!

  7. Thank you! I really need to heard that I'm not alone. I'm have been struggling to be a better wife, mom and woman and get my projects done. When I feel that I am failing I tend to get very sad and anxious, from now on I will try to remember about progression rather than perfection.
    p.s. I love the color of you hair!

  8. Life is a process.... that's what I have to keep telling myself every single day.

    This was a beautiful reminder! Thank you!

    I think we should meet up sometime and do lunch! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend J!

  9. I love it! Just posted something exactly like this on one of my blogs. Check it out!
    Just found your blog and am really enjoying it. :-)