30 May 2012


handsome and i are in the zone. 
i don't know if it was because california brought to our attention a few extra inches of squeeze around the mid-sections or what, but we are now in the zone!
we decided to get into running or more so getting our bodies in a stronger more durable state. 
we live near a nice park that running around has been very enjoyable.
the little is LOVING being my running partner.
he hears birds from the aviary and tries to imitate the sounds they make.
he sees all the dogs, smiles at the runners, and yells at the roller bladers.
we have started eating better, lighter in the evening, and implementing more breakfast salads.
it has been a little tricky trying to transition, but it feels really good.
i even started bikram yoga...holy sweat.
no joke, my first class i ended up having to ring out the sweat from my top.
whoa, disgusting, but oh so cleansing.
my favorite part about running is what i get to wear. 
typical of a gal like me i suppose. 
what i am rocking...
mossimo at target carries the boyfriend tee. i have one in every color practically. it probably drives handsome nuts, but they are so comfy to run in. 

lululemon- if you don't know what this is i highly recommend saving your extra dollars and splurging on something, anything from this store. you won't be disappointed. their products last for YEARS! 

old navy sells really comfortable running shorts here. and normally they are on sale. hooray!

i have yet to own a pair of these bad boys. should probably save for them as well. nike has a new breathable line that is similar to running barefoot. we are actually going to try the barefoot run this week. i will report on that later. 

i really do believe that a comfortable outfit and some sweet tunes can motivate almost anyone into running three and a half miles a day. now its just getting farther than that...its all in my head!


  1. Old Navy's running shorts are my favorite! They are so comfortable!

  2. I have Old Navy's running shorts too!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  3. I have been running a bunch too! I ended up signing up for Ragnar too, so Chad and I train all the time. We should go running all together sometime soon. aww yeaaah!

  4. I've been suffering from those post wedding pounds and am now trying to stay inspired to cut back on the junk and enjoy the healthy foods. Also trying to implement exercise for the first time ever...and it's been a rough transition!

    I love healthy foods, but i also LOVE candy & sweets...such a battle.

    Keep up the good work! It will pay off in the end! Focus on the day you get to show off your new healthy self and you'll be so glad that you persevered :)