04 June 2012

hand, foot, and what?

wondering where i have been?
oh don't worry, the little and i have been home for days and days, soaking in the tubby, and rubbing in holistic concoctions to rid us of the plague.
nikson caught some freaky freaky, worry his mother to death, virus called hand, foot, and mouth.
don't read up on it.
if you are a germaphobe like me you won't like what you see.
little bubba broke out in a super bad rash all over his little bod and was burning up with a fever.
it gets worse, the rash turned into sores and he was so so sad.
he wouldn't even walk around, it hurt too bad.
it's super contagious so mama bird and the babe were home bound and friendless.
after about a week of this no good, very bad, terrible, (what the heck is that book title again?) we decided to make a break for it.
saturday we went boating with ma and pa bishop (notice, there were no other children, couldn't risk it)
and then hiking with our good friends the waites.
ending the day with a bbq, some more friends, and the best variety s'mores i have ever tasted.
i will post about variety s'mores later.
those babies will knock your socks off.

notice the plague remnants around the mouth. what a nightmare.

in regards to boating...
handsome and i have spawned a wee one that was made for the water.
no joke, every time we stopped the boat, boy dropped his shorts, and waited to jump in and swim.
when he watched us cutting up the wake he would squeal and clap.
he soaked up every ounce of that lake and had a blast.
especially with his daddy-o.
oh boy are they the best of friends.
they both loved the water.
i hope the little goes pro...at being in the water.
is there a sport for that?
first place water being inner.
sounds good.
he better build us a house with his winnings.


  1. Thanks girl! That sounds scary! I hope you are feeling better! He is getting so big!

  2. I seriously just got really sad that I can't be there for these times. I miss you guys. I am sorry that he got so sick. Love ya.

  3. my niece just had that same thing a couple weeks ago. so so so sad. glad he is doing better!

  4. That hand mouth illness always scared me bc it seems so painful for a little kid. I'm glad he's doing better and you all were able to go boating!

  5. Oh my goodness he is so darling!!!!!! you guys are so cute!

  6. Oh Jac he is adorable even with sores on his mouth! Jack got Hand Foot Mouth Disease (do they seriously need to call it a disease? make me feel even worse) about 2 months ago. It started with a sore on his lip and it grew bigger and bigger. Then he got blisters on his hands and feet and then sores all over in his mouth and throat. He wouldn't pick anything up, he wouldn't walk, he wouldn't eat.. it was pure sadness. The doc said he had herpes (for reals?) so I took him again and they finally diagnosed him with that awful disease. I'm glad we didn't get it cuz I heard it can be way worse for adults. Anyways, sorry for your week of house arrest... we feel ya and have been there. We love you guys and would love to get together.. on purpose.. one of these days!