12 June 2012

taming of the shrew

i will be the first to admit that i have a really darling little.
right now especially.
he is walking and talking like crazy.
its hilarious,
but i have one itty bitty problem.
temper tantrums.
and guess what else.
i am the mom and not the dad.
do you realize what this means?!
mom= tantrum
dad= happy

mom has to do all the dirty work, and by dirty i mean, i have to deal with the shrew. (ps- i know a shrew is a woman, but go with me on this.)
don't believe me?
you do not believe something as precious, cute, and charismatic as he could throw a tantrum?
girl please.
i get yelled at, whacked, my hair gets pulled out, and i have to witness the infamous body check to the floor and maybe a few head slams.
it is not pretty folks.
i just kind of stare and think, "what has entered my child?"
for some reason nikson only throws tantrums with me.
when blake is on duty, you would have thought we have raised a well-mannered, well- adjusted, perfect child.
someone help me!
what do i do?
is it an age thing?
do some kids do this at almost a year and a half or am i doomed to have a dysfunctional relationship with my eldest child?

i have yet to lose my cool though because he is just so dang cute.
most of the time i do a little pretend pout and tell him he hurt my feelings. (which isn't pretend.)
he starts crying harder as he rushes up to me, snuggles up, and holds me.
it's actually pretty cute.
he will give me a kiss and start smiling, hoping that i will just forget the spectacle of himself he just made.
i usually do.
his smiles have magic memory erasing powers i think.
tricky little booger.
i am trying to practice the positive parenting techniques in hopes that we can tackle this obstacle quickly.
no matter how hard i try though, i will never be able to duplicate the bond that the little has with handsome.

blake walks in the door and the whole feeling in our house changes.
they wrestle, laugh, play, laugh, read, laugh, sing, laugh, swing, jump, slide, dance, and laugh.
(i have tried these things mind you. maybe it's because i sing bieber instead of bon iver or maybe it's because i take all the chalk when we color on the sidewalk. it could be because i forget to give him water after he's had a big lunch or because i talk on the phone during baby einstein. i am not perfect people.)
most of the time the little and handsome talk to each other with their eyes.
it's like the force.
i am getting better at that.
i keep trying anyway, you know, using the force.

i love having a son and being able to focus my attention on raising a gentlemen.
but what i love even more is that my son has a dad that he is best friends with.
its pretty magical.
like my eye makeup in this last pic.
bippety boppety boo!


  1. ummmmm hello Belle!!!! You do nothing but be a Mom hahaha and try not to loose your mind at times... Remember your wedding reception Belle was 8 months old a she pulled my hair out, made my lip bleed by head banging me, and threw Tanna's half eaten sandwich all over me so I had to go home and change!!! Yep I feel ya girl it is the same now but she tries so hard not to hit me or kick me in the stomach she just screams a bit satanically and kicks the door instead of ripping her hair out and mine!!! Oh haha and Blake will get in on some of the action.. haha monkey never had to deal with it really and now she slaps him clean across the face!!! It does get better and the apologies will melt your heart!!!

  2. It sounds like you have a perfectly normal child :) I think kids always act up more with mom than with dad. There have been so many days where I have told my hubby how Cruz has been freaking out all day, but then when he comes home at the end of the day, my child is a perfect, smiling little angel for him. Frustrating, but I do love how much my son loves his dad! It's nice to hear of someone else's real life, that it isn't all roses and unicorns at your house either :) Thanks for being real! xoxo

  3. Oh Girl... how I can relate! Yep. Totally agree w/ my sweet girl Andrea, freaking out is just a normal toddler thing! My Jax does it a little to well) For us, just letting him have his "moment" w/out paying him much attention, then trying to talk about why FREAKING OUT because we don't have a blue pair of socks to wear today is just not ok. Oh yes... true story! Lol) I just heart your blog, thank you so much for your sweet words.... OH AND MY GOODNESS... how crazy gorgeous are you?! Seriously! Happy new follower)

  4. "maybe it's because i sing bieber instead of bon iver."
    that's my favorite line. i wish i had a baby so i could relate and tell you everything was normal. but i don't, so i can't. but really, it sounds normal to me. and can i just say i love your honesty about it?! sometimes i feel people blog about how perfect their babies are and blah blah blah. THANK YOU for the truth. there is always good with bad and happy with sad. always.

  5. hahaha. i think violet is starting to throw tantrums too. here we go!!!

  6. It will pass, trust me on this. Actually it won't pass but as they get older you will have MUCH more leverage. My kids all did something that bugged me today so I told them that tomorrow was not summer. I would wake them when I woke (probably at 6 am) and put them to work. I can be super nice Mom, but I am extremely good at being super mean mom too. Just ask my kids.

  7. Oh it's so hard. But there's a light, there's always a light. I promise it gets better! Sometimes quiet time works - books, legos...quiet activities with gentle music. But I promise, it comes to an end eventually :)

  8. hi there! soooo happy you found my blog. i just blog stalked you guys for the last 15 mins.... oops. love your fam!! you guys are the cutest. sooo excited to read more ;)
    ps- no i didnt do my blog design myself! i can give you the contact info of the girl who did it for me... found her through "cutest blog on the block." :))