11 July 2012

may i introduce you to...

i have been married to handsome for almost three years.
i barely know him.
are you surprised?
we have made an extra effort to get to know each other better, especially as of late.
you think you know someone when you decide to get married.
but guess what...
you spend the rest of your life getting to know them.
walls are up when you get married, even if they are little ones.
i don't love this whole concept, but it remains true for us.
you find out early on that they like to eat graham crackers and milk.
they enjoy a good rugby match, will do anything to spend a week at lake powell, and almost always leave their dirty clothes on the floor.
those are the easy things.
its the stuff rooted deep inside that unfolds as each day progresses.
we both find out things we like and things we totally don't love.
and that is ok.
its all part of being married and learning to love someone as much as you love yourself.

what i do love is this guy i am getting to know.

ps: don't judge my haggard face.
i have had a long day.


  1. pretty good lookin' pair!
    if you need some adult time, head my way.
    although i'm dying to meet the little

    xo the egg out west.

  2. your blog is soo cute!! i'll def be back :)

    follow me back??