20 August 2012

a little piece of heaven part one

every year a few families on the jones side get together for a week of pure bliss at lake powell.
this year was no exception.

mike getting some shut eye.
poor brother had massive neck problems and had to take 'er easy this go.
what a bummer, but he still managed to be the life of the party.

i fell in love with this nugget.
jace is seriously the biggest sweetheart on the planet.
he definitely made me baby hungry.

mike and leighton, cooling off.

nikson rocking blake's baby life jacket.
what a stud.

most of my boat rides were full of sleeping babes.
and i could not get enough.
austy was a little tuckered.
probably from doing her hair.

nat took one for the team and her knees and popped up on the knee board.
that a girl.

what. a. gem.

brynlee got to come this year and boy was i grateful.
she is the best kind of sister!
she makes you laugh and laughs at you!

tessa, she is also the biggest sweetie on the planet.

emma, drake, aubrey, cry baby, and claire.
these kiddos were inseparable and loved hanging with nikson.
even if he was a total mama's boy THE WHOLE TRIP!

does this pic need to be censored?
i can't tell!

ha! handsome covered little in mud and all nikson would say was, "mud monsta."

my twin.

jace and nikson are eleven months apart.
they were such good buddies on the boat.
nikson would touch jace's cheeks and say, "oh baby."

the boys.
brandon, garrett, blake, and tyler.

i can't get enough for her.

like father, like daughter.
halle was sure to point out that her legs are higher than her dad's.

oh handsome.

there's my girl.

not his best photo.

handsome definitely had some shining moments this trip.
he actually doesn't scare me because he is so aware of what he is doing.
what a cool cat.

tessa was a trooper and held Jace in the hot boat for a while.

going, going, gone.

stay tuned for the rest of our trip.
hope everyone is having a great Monday.


  1. Ah I just love powell. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. lake powell is the best! its so dreamy! glad you had so much fun!

  3. you seem to have had so much fun!And Nickson is really growing fast.Ilove the picture when you hold him in your arms,babylike....