23 August 2012

too hot to cook.

this summer, utah has been sizzlin'.
i am normally all about making some good hearty dinners, but when it's hot enough to fry an egg on your sidewalk, you probably won't find me spending too much time near the stove.
here are a few recipes that have found a way to cool us off come dinner time.

cheese and toast (nutella, pear, pepper, and honey was a fav of course.)

and for dessert, the easiest individual peach pies on the planet

eating is a tricky thing. 
once you think you have got it down, a season changes and you have to start all over!
don't worry, i am already pinning chilis, soups, and hearty home goodness in preparation for fall.


  1. Yum.. Those look sooo good! I'm with you though.. Its been to hot in Utah to cook lately!


  2. oh my gosh. okay, yeah, all of this looks sooo good!!


  3. Are you real? I'm not showing this post to anyone in my family or I may suddenly look like a terrible wife (said as I stir hamburger helper). Eff you!