19 March 2009

bambino intelligente

K so the idiot I am...Natalie and I went to lunch and I asked little Luke if he wanted to drive home with me, he said yes, so we put him in a booster and I shut the door. THE DOOR WAS LOCKED!! So as Nat and I are freaking out, Luke is in the car laughing at us. We kept telling him to unlock the door, but to no a vale the doors remained locked. Nat asked me if I had a spare and I thought maybe I had left one at her house so she jumped in the car and drove to go get it. I was talking to Luke...and thought maybe he could figure it out. So I told him to wiggle out of seat belt and he did, the whole time laughing, then he went over the front seats and grabbed my keys. I told him to push the black unlock button, and he did!! Totally unlocking the doors!! I caled Nat and told her how intelligent her baby was!! I gave him a big kiss and told him he was so smart and he laughed and said, "Yeah!" How cute his he!?

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