12 March 2009

Che è l'amore?

What is love? I have been learning through my course of time...which is not long, not experienced, and not mastered...that love is learning to let go of yourself and grab on to something that will benefit a greater whole. Is it worth it to lose greatness for that which is small, trivial, and meaningless. Why would someone chose to sacrifice the happiness found in life's wonderful for that which is alone in life's drear. I want so badly to express to the world that there is more to life than loving yourself. The Lord has asked us to love Him and love others. He never commanded us to love ourselves. We lose ourselves, we give to others...these are the commands in which we are given, but when you really chose to live that command you find a greater love for self. So you do more for someone else, and that love continues to grow. You gain a confidence for yourself that is not self-gratifying, but self-sacrificing. you are benefiting the world. Teaching the world to be greater. GIVE TO SOMEONE ELSE! That is love. Love for God, Love for Man, and ultimately Love for Yourself.


  1. That is what I am talking about! Jac you are an amazing writer! you shoild write a book

  2. JONES!
    We can be blogging buddies!
    So fun to see you on here, and read a bit of what you're up to, what you're thinking.
    Love you!