24 March 2009


Disclaimer: I write instead of homework...please don't judge the lack of structure and style this may present.

What is the purpose of life? Some may have their own opinions, but I feel that life is to be happy. I ask myself, what is the purpose of Jac? With this blog I hope to help you feel the desire to find out for yourself.

Everyone needs purpose in order to perform at the peak of self. The thought came to me on Sunday. Here is the deal...

When I first started dating Blake, his sister Brooklyn had just moved home with her baby, Kashton. I don't know the Bishop's without these two individuals. Brooke has become one of my greatest friends and has been able to help me through lots of life's ordeals. Kashton is the happiest, and most darling thing on two legs. I have a beautiful family so obviously I am a bit biased, but this little guy will make the Grinch's too small heart, plump up to a size quite healthy. He is so happy and so fun. We got to help him walk, talk, and jump on the tramp. But the thought of purpose came when we had to say goodbye. Blake's dad in particular is who spurred this thought thinking blog of mine. It is too hard for me to watch him say goodbye to his daughter and also to baby. My thoughts started thoughting and I thought about how important he felt to Kashton. Papanwah, was a big deal for this one+ year old. He would sleep with him, get up early and play with him, feed him, take him for drives, try and scare him to make him laugh. Anything to help Brooke out because she had a lot on her plate. It was worse then sending off a missionary, saying goodbye to these two. Why? Not just because it is family, but it was like all the sudden we had to redefine the purpose of our living. Bret struggled with the parting and I realized how important it is for people to feel important. To feel like they have purpose.

Purpose defines who you are and what you can do for other people. If you feel depressed, it is finding a sense of purpose that triggers happiness in your heart and soul. Bret felt he had purpose with Kashton. He was a serrogate, he did whatever was necessary to lighten the load Brooke felt. He got up early, played with, fed, put to sleep, etc. Whatever was needed for Kashton to feel like he had a home away from his home. It was so much fun to feel and see the need for purpose.

Anyway, my point is, when the baby left I saw how important it was for Bret to feel important and to have a purpose. Sure he has a purpose for the rest of the family. He even has purpose for me. He gives me a hard time for wanting my steak to be well done, who else will do that? My family has just accepted that I make dinner a difficult time! But those kinds of purposes are what each of us need to be happy. I feel like the purpose of Blake is to help me not to be so worldly. You may or may not have noticed that my desire for fame, fortune, and fashion are just mere charcteristics that highlight my personality rather than consume my every action. Do you know I have not bought one US magazine since I have been dating the Bishop?Blake has redefined me as a person, just by his purpose in my life. His purpose was to bring this sassy woman to reality. He helps me value "me" and not the world. His idea of enlightenment comes from gospel living and working hard to smooth out imperfections with Christ rather than the world. Blake provides a reality of what real life and real dreams are for me. My mom provides a purpose of gospel rooted behavior. She is always reminding me from whom I have come, not meaning herself, but my Father in Heaven. My sisters provide a purpose of perception, each of them teaching me how they view different situations. Purpose is happiness? What is the purpose of life? To be happy! Happiness is not that hard to come by and in order to find that happiness we delve into our purpose. How do we find our purpose? Do things for other people and your natural talents will automatically develop your purpose. You find what your good at by doing good things. Blake told me I will never know unless I try(like our trip snowboarding, that is for a later blog at a later time). But seriously, how often do we tend to sink low into ourselves and crawl into our fictional holes of death and let pride and sadness shallow up the good we can give others? Hmmm? How often? I am asking. Happiness is outside ourselves and above the crowd. Find who you are, by lifting someone else. You'll find your purpose and happpiness will follow.

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