26 March 2009

I Vescovi

I ruined it! The best picture of the day and there I go, jovial business!
Sass is only the beginning....
Ladies! All my ladies now!! So I am the only darky in the bunch, I'm not bitter. Stacey is the only blondey!!
Welcome to the Bishop's! We had family pictures at Gardner's Village before The Gulbranson's moved back to Oklahoma. We had fun but it was coldy! Kashton was really excited about it if you can't tell. Brooke is wearing earrings, not targets:) Ha!! I love my new family! They make me so happy and we have so much fun together!

Blake is the best ever! He makes my life much more meaningful and adds so much laughter to my life. I'm in love with a Bishop!!

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  1. Hi! Finally connected to your blog. LOVE IT! Also,I love Gardner's Village. I love your dark hair. You are one cute, sassy girl.