30 March 2009

LDS Business College

Alright, so this is a little different the the normal post I usually post. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the college I attend.

About five years ago I was with my parents, downtown Salt Lake, and walking around a quaint white mansion wondering if it would be the place where I spent my college years. It was cute. Really small compared to our previous school tour at Utah Valley State College. I liked it, but something just was not right.

Little did I know that I totally would not even step a scholarly foot in that darling little school. I ended up going to school in Idaho and serving a mission in Canada. I got home and was found in a stupor. I could not decide where I needed to go or what I needed to be doing. I went back up to Idaho and it felt like I had grown out of it. I went to Utah County and just was not feeling it. All of the sudden I got the strongest impression to reapply to LDSBC. I pushed submit and my fate was in between the hands of Admissions and the WWW. Within a week I received a confirmation email that I was accepted and expected to start in June of 2008. I never in a million years believed I would experience what I did. Prepared to return to the small, white mansion, I packed my stuff and headed for Utah. I got ready to check out the school and register, when to my surprise I found out the LDSBC had changed locations. Not only was it more upscale, but my blog suddenly became way more interesting!!
It was summer. I drove onto a business I-15 just in time for traffic. "Oh brother, I better not be late for my first day of class." I weaved quickly through the cars to get off onto 9000S. and board the TRAX. I put in my headphones and began to listen to a new summer mix I just imported on the pod. 45 minutes later the nice lady voice says, Arena and I step off the TRAX. I walk my way over to the copper building on the corner. "Ok Jac, this is serious. You need experience and you need knowledge. This is your nticket to getting both. Have a good summer." I walk in and I am greeeted by a sweet little sister at the desk. "Good Luck Today." What a sweet lady! I got on the elevator, packed in next to a cute blonde boy and a couple of Asian kids speaking something. Did I make the right choice? I walked into my class only to find I was one of the first ones there. I sat front row and center hoping that maybe the attention would be turned to those who sat back row. More students trickled in and every seat began to fill, except the back row. Surprising?! Most church schools are considered the same as sacrament, everyone floods to the back, but everyone here seemed different. Eager and ready to get started. Brother Hodgman walks in. "This is your Business Managment class. I hope you like it. If you don't, you'll find out and change your major!" He smiled and began discussing the syllabus. So low key, but I knew that I was expected to be an adult and get my work done. All of my courses didn't seem like regular courses. Everything is applied to real life situations. Textbook work, essays, exams, and presentations were all focused on how it would "really" apply to my life and the career I was trying to build. What career? I didn't have a clue, but all I knew was these professors wanted me to be successful. And it has been that way ever since. Each course begins with a professor saying, "If you want to get an A, do the work and we'll make it happen." I have never felt more confident in my schooling and the activities in which I have been a part of.
A huge part of the success of LDSBC is the spirit that is felt there. Classes are begun with prayer and the gospel is pulled into every subject. The Lord has His hand in the work that is done witghin the walls of the college. It is a warm, cheerful environment that invites goodness and integrity, virtue and diligence. Everything compliments the Spirit's and allows not only for mental growth, but spiritual growth as well. If you ask for it, it is there.
Everything about the school is upbeat and fast-paced, but really personal. Classrooms are small so getting to know classmates and professors is easy. Over the summer one of my friends sent her wedding invite to every professor. It is that tight knit. I felt like I could talk to my professors and they were not too busy to help. I even had a pretty traumatizing summer and they all were so helpful and understanding. I also love that tuition is so inexpensive. It is a high-class experience without having to pay for it for twelve years into your future.
I have met great people at the BC. People from all over the world go to the college to get a great education. Professors are very sensitive to culture, but expect the best work out of every student. I love that the professors share their lives with us. You learn their skills, hobbies, and about their families. The struggles that got them to where they are today. It is motivating and inspirational.
LDSBC is not just your average college. Many people think that colleges are for those of mediocrity and students who are not serious about where they want to go in life. I was one of those people and I have never been more wrong. I was able to experience culture, business, and academic advancement.


  1. LDSBC is one of the Church's best-kept secrets! Awesome story!

  2. I love that you had such a great experience there. I did too, and love the same things you do about it. Such a great spirit and I love the professors. Such a great environment for learning!