27 April 2009

la magia nella città

Tonight for FHE Blake and I and a couple of his buddies went down to Salt Lake to listen to an organization called, "Story Corps". It is a group that travels all over the world looking for stories of Americans. Fathers interview sons, daughters interviewed their father with Alzheimer's, and there was a girlfriend who interviewed her man and at the end he purposed to her! All there stories are inspirational or humorous. It was a pretty cool event. After the event we went outside and started taking pictures. Blake and Tyson have been getting really into the photography trend and I think Blake is actually very good. He is a talented guy! We met lots a cool people along the way. I met Girfifn, Batman/Spiderman as well. He was only five, but I met him and we flew around the Salt Lake Library for a while. What a cutie!! If you want to see more of Blake's pictures, got to his flickr account here


  1. For the past four years I have been "getting into a trend?"