11 December 2009

Amo un buono fan club

I love myself a good fan club. That is one thing about Miss Tanna that I have always appreciated. No matter what, she is quite possibly our families biggest fan(besides Luke who thinks we should be translated. Ahh, that sweet and simple mind) BUT, Tanna, who knows us at our best and our very worst is still the best fan club president. When I was getting ready to be married, I kept having these emotional melt downs. I was so worried that things were not going to work out. My jobs were lame, Blake was about to kill me because I was just crazy stressed:) I just over-reacted about everything and was in no condition to be normal. Tanna just could tell I was struggling and had a total doctrine wake up call session on me. She taught me about the principle of faith and an aspect of it that totally applied to my life and my relationship with the Savior. Ever since that little chat I was a much more pleasant bride-to-be, Blake actually got excited about getting married to a "normalish" me, and I felt very confident in my relationshop with the Lord. I love her for always looking out for me. I know if Tanna says she thinks I seem happy, I must be!

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