23 July 2012

is he really?

yesterday marked eighteen months for one of the most amazing kiddos i know.
i really can not believe he is not a baby anymore.
it is a really weird feeling.
i also am elated to have an eighteen month old.
why you may ask?
well, let me tell you...

nikson is super tender, even though we have talked about his manic behavior at times, he is absolutely the dearest.
i probably get kissed by him fifty times a day. (i may also get that many head butts, but lets focus on the up and up.)
i put him in the stroller, i get kissed.
i take him out, i get kissed.
i hold him in the store, i get kissed.
we snuggle...
you get the idea.
he has won over my heart.
he is witty, spunky, and very energetic!
talk about giving the rents a run for their money.

he started nursery yesterday.
nursery is a two hour block that toddlers get to hang out together while mom and dad do church stuff.
it has been long awaited since teaching my classes has been a little tricky with him.
it is a total blast, and the little had no trouble leaving us and playing with the boys.
there are five little boys in nursery and it is CRAZY!

so crazy that we got home and found this.
our church is two minutes away, if that.
little was tuckered from his big day.


  1. look at that big boy in his big boy car seat!

  2. I hate how fast the grow up! he is darling :)

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  3. He is the sweetest! can't believe how fast he's growing!