17 February 2012

love letter

dear handsome,

this is serious.
can you not tell by the expression on his face?

i wanted to let you know that greatly admire you.
you can withstand the wife tempests, while being such a charming dad.
our son is very much in love with you.
when your car pulls in, his body starts prepping with massive wiggles for some dad play time.
he knows its going to be crazy.
not very many people can multi-task like you do.
you make sure everyone is feeling happy and safe and i really appreciate it.
even when you make sure all our doors are locked because we live downtown and who knows what crazies might decide to pop in for a little visit.
thank you for watching Mike Rowe on QVC, Downton Abbey, and Modern Family with me this week.
i really love when we do stuff like that.
i love it so much i dream up my own episodes.
also- you are phil dunfee, no battle.
i mostly love how much you laugh at ridiculous things, when you show me new music like this, and when you don't call me by the new "worst nickname ever".
i won't even utter it.
it's the worst.
i love you darling.

here's to a great weekend of no plans.


  1. We watch Modern Family and both agree--Trevor is Phil Dunfee. Hands down. I think Trevor laughs so hard because he can totally relate to Phil, his long lost brother.

  2. I showed Blake that song so I'm gonna have to take credit for it. Isn't it great? Couldn't stop listening to it yesterday. Finn likes it now too.. he kicks and kicks. I like your boys messy face, I know exactly what's all over it.

    Love ya.

  3. Now that is a sweet love letter. And no plans for the weekend always make for the most fun.

  4. I absolutely love that song and she does an amazing job! I know Audrey Hepburn is smiling! :)

    XO Lourdes

  5. you have the sweetest little family.

    i adore your blog.

    and i have a HUGE crush on phil dunfee.
    i love that man.

  6. What a cute face, even if he is trying to be a tough guy! & what a sweet letter to your man! x

  7. this lil guy is too cute!!

  8. oh my word! he has the cutest little face ever!

  9. Nikson looks a lot like a grumpy Grandpa Bishop in this picture.

  10. what a handsome young man! you're so lucky to have him :)
    your family is so precious -- thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words!
    it lead me to your blog and I'm absolutely smitten :D

    tiana of l'esthetique