16 February 2012

the daily grind

we like our baby.
he seriously is the most charming baby two inadequate parents could have been given.
most mornings while blake is getting ready for work, the little and i are playing in bed.
he almost always has cinnamon chex stuck to his mug.

i love his concentration face.
"look at my toes, mom."

here is where i leave him while i quickly shower.
baby einstein is our best friend for shower time.

the new play spot.
we have heaps of toys and he chooses to play in the car seat.

or with my phone.
we have a mini-geek, er, i mean blake on our hands.

speaking of handsome and his love for nerdy things...

i saw this on one of my favorite blogs.
the diy'r in me threw it together quickly in photoshop.
it does it's job.
makes people double take.
i was talking to my friend allie, who is married to one of handsome's high school buddies, about how it's kind of fun being married to a geek because it's little things like zombie prints and new headphones that get them excited.
i think i even said the word giddy.


  1. oh goodness, look at that little face!! so adorable!
    and i think shower time is something that people forget about when it comes to the hardships of babies. i guess we all hope they can just quietly sit there while we relax. whoops. :)
    xo TJ

  2. What a handsome little one! Thanks for stopping by The Scarlett Letters. I'm following you now. Stop by my site sometime too :) Look forward to reading your blog.


  3. adorable. your little man is like a lil'some. (a blend between little and handsome). just as you are amazed that he choses to play with his car seat, you will always be disappointed that he'd rather fiddle with your water bottle than the cute little teddy bear your mom bought him!

  4. Seriously. Your baby is the CUTEST!
    Reading this kinda makes me want one of my own... ;)

  5. Oh gosh he's adorable! I especially like that first picture! It's perfect :)

    I think I'm the geek in me and my boyfriend's relationship. I'm the one getting excited about that zombie print (I NEED to do something like that!!). I don't think my boyfriend would be excited at all...haha :)

  6. Il est trop mignon...HE is sooo cute!!!