15 February 2012

the best valentine's ever

I promise this will be my last post about lover's day,
but in my defense yesterday evening was quite possibly the most fun valentine's we have ever had.
we invited some couple friends over for fondue, an art competition, and skookies.
it seriously could not have been more fun, relaxing, and hilarious.

each couple had an hour to paint a blank canvas.
our neighbors judge the best project.
and the winners went home with a nice little v-day basket!

as per usual, the call's and their thoughtfully planned out masterpiece.

he had some reservations on the whole idea as he wasn't feeling par for the course.
but i reassured i had no expectations.

seethalers and there lyrical eye candy.
notice their project...
i will point out later the scandal of it all.

i was really into this project.
i have never painted before so it was a new thing for me.
turns out, I TOTALLY LOVE IT!
our piece was not thoughtfully planned out.

the winners.
see the difference?
yeah, last minute anna pulled a fast one on everyone and completely redesigned he canvas.
that quick change scored them the caramel kisses, whipped cream, and sassy pants.


yep, valentine's was a smash hit and the food was absolutely not nikson approved.
i hope he forgives me.
i really tried to go light.

i got the idea for painting date night from wit and whistle.
check it out here.

what did you do for valentine's?


  1. This looks like fun! Now I want to paint

    XO Lourdes

    1. you should! it was seriously so therapeutic and inexpensive for those with student loans:)

  2. Aw how fun is this night! Love it...what a great idea...and all that paint on top of the carpet...you are brave! My OCD tendencies would have been on high alert!

    1. Erin! It's acrylic so it washes out! that was my worry too!

  3. I felt the need to come over here and reply to your comment!
    Apparently people don't look in the mirror before they leave their homes. That is the only reason I can think of why someone would voluntarily go out in public wearing tights as pants.

    In other news, you guys are amazingly crafty. If I tried to do something like that I would a) spill paint all over the carpet and b) end up with a beautifully drawn stick figure.

  4. I totally want to do that now (the painting thing)! Looks like you all had a fun Valentine's Day!

  5. ate thai food! delish! loved seeing all the art...my fav. was definitely the center pic at the end. the grey, pink and red half circles. so cute!

    1. i should have had you come judge so that handsome and i would have won! dang it!!

  6. That is such an nice and original idea...different from the usual stuff(restaurant,movie,chocolate box...)I love it!

    1. nora, you need to paint something and post it! i bet it will be beautiful!

  7. what a fun idea!! i love all the beautiful masterpieces. for v-day we went out for dinner to a new restaurant and got frozen yogurt at our favorite place, yum!

  8. I think this puts my watching House Hunters with a mug of Pero to shame.

  9. Wow it looks like you all had a blast. It' so funny, even though you are all adults my knee jerk reaction was fear seeing all the paintings done on carpet lol. The mommy in me can't help it. The winners definitely did an awesome job.

    - Sarah

  10. Such an incredible idea! I adore the photos.

  11. absolutely LOVE this idea! so fun!!

  12. Oh my gosh I am so stealing this idea for a future get together with friends!!! Loved it! *New Follower*


    1. Syd- it's so so fun and not very expensive. use a coupon for your canvas and its a dream date night!

  13. Oh my gosh this is a fantastic idea! Love, love it!

  14. What a fun idea to involve friends in valentines day, after all VDAY isn't just about couples! Looks like you guys had a great time! x

  15. Wish I lived by you so we could be friends :) How FUN! I love the painting idea!