14 February 2012

happy love day

for valentine's day i thought i would post one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever attended.
it was rustic.
it was intimate.
and it was for some people we absolutely adore.

thanks to Allyssa from Breakfast at The Zemke's for this valentine's day treat.

Our wedding turned out just as lovely as I'd imagined. The best part about it was that we worked together in creating each element so that it was our own. We had the ceremony up a beautiful canyon in a small clearing by the river. It was so green and peaceful. A great thing about our wedding is we didn't have a very large budget so it forced us to get creative which meant we had to create a lot of the little details ourselves. 

 Some of our favorite handmade elements are:
  • The Pinata. Instead of parting favors we had a pinata. The kids loved it and we enjoyed making it.
  • The bouquets. My bouquet was made from vintage brooches. My bridesmaids/centerpiece flowers were made from tea dyed fabric.
  • We made signs from old rustic windows.
  • Instead of a guest book, we provided vintage post cards in which each guest would sign and then slip into a mailbox.
  • Our cake stands were made from logs that we'd found. 
  • My dress was reconstructed by a neighbor who did an outstanding job.
  • We even designed and printed our own invitations, made to look like a vintage telegram                        
It was a wonderful day that I'll never forget. We put so much love and effort into our wedding and it turned out beautiful. But the best part of it all was I got to marry my best friend, and we will continue to create and put love into everything we do.    


have an excellent day my friends.


  1. I love the bouquet! What a beautiful wedding!

  2. looove!! alyssa why didn't I know you when I was planning my wedding?!

    1. ooh like your wedding was lame or something?!

  3. Gorgeous pics! And such beautiful details. I love the creative invites!