13 February 2012

at west end

after a much needed weekend the bishop family is feeling good over here.
i spoke with my mom.
she called concerning a few honest blog posts.
i assured her nothing was wrong other than she has a really fiery daughter.
she just laughed and said, "i think that's what i love the most about you."
i am guaranteed one women's admiration.
i am fiery though.
real fiery.

so how did we go about the mend?

  • gave each other time
  • gave a little visit to the lds temple (so peaceful, much needed)
  • watched Mike Rowe on QVC. hilarious. here is our favorite.
  • over ate at Chili's. not smart.
  • hung out with good company
  • played a lot with the little. he always makes things better.
  • i also did a lot of retail therapy. therapy via www for we are poor. have to start saving for when handsome goes off to the big uni. i will get over it.
so where do i love to virtual window shop?
have you visited at west end?
you should. 
it's great.
here's why...

everything is rustic and recycled.
happy monday folks!


  1. I am glad that you are working things out. Things do get tough in relationships, but you know your strong when you can work things out!

    And now I have to check out that site!Which I probably shouldn't do...but student loans can wait, right? i kid i kid

    Xo Lourdes

  2. Love your blog. I too have to be honest, not sure if it is appreciated by all but it's who I am. I haven't always been so open and I like myself much better now.

    I look forward to more of your posts, it seems I have an instant connection to your blog if you know what I mean.

    And no shopping for me. I can't even thrift right now, it's so hard.

    1. i hate it. but it's ok. it teaches creativity i think and how to not depend on money for happiness. we will work it out girl!

  3. Stay true to yourself and do what you can to live a happy life and make the people you love happy....The rest does not really matter...I love what i read from you,you really seem to be such a very nice person!
    kisses from France

    1. ooh nora i could kiss you! one day we will meet. we will read pretty books, buy beautiful wooden things, and eat lots of delicious food!

  4. are you serious with those pool ball candles? one of the coolest things i've seen via the ol' web in awhile! glad you had a relaxing weekend~

    xo the egg out west.