10 February 2012

love letter

dear mr. patient with me,

so this week wasn't my most favorite week ever.
definitely wasn't yours.
but it is turning out a lot better than we could hope.
i feel we were in this music video most of the week.
you are the cat.
that's how it goes sometimes.
i do want to tell you i am feeling better about things.
i hope you can bare with me.
i also loved when we did a duet to this bad boy.

in happier and more exciting news...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting accepted to Neumont.
i know who worked really hard to get there.
it was really fun to watch you open the acceptance letter.
you had an excited face on.
i am glad you will get to go to school for something you love.
i am excited to have the next two and half years planned out for us.
we maybe won't see each other all the time, but it will be ok.
maybe it's what we need!

i do love you.
i think you are wonderful.


Congratulations to...

Hello - I was happily lead her by your sweet message and so excited to enter the giveaway! I love the living terrarium necklace and the chic one! So many choices! Excited to keep reading :)

Please email me and we can get you your terrarium!
Thank you to everyone who participated.
We will do another giveaway next week!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. you have a very gorgeous family, very happy for you!!