20 February 2012

president's day giveaway

hello my sweeties!
how was your weekend?
ours was full of making forts, hanging out with family, and deciding to get a pet.
want to know where it will live?
check it out here.
it was a very serious decision and i told blake he would have to be the responsible party.
he really wants to own a pet that won't die.
i mostly just want to own that fish hotel.

now on to the important stuff.
today's giveaway is super fun and totally up my alley.
bright forest is a curious collection of vintage style art and dictionary page art.

one lucky winner will get the print of their choice!

the twin whales are my favorite.

how to win:

-become a follower or subscribe to The Bishop's Wife.

(you can join the site down at the bottom of the page.)

-visit Bright Forest here.

-leave a comment with what print you will choose when you 


Giveaway ends on Friday.

All winners are chosen at random, using random.org. When entering giveaways please make sure to leave your email/contact information so that I can get back to you if you're the winner! Please also take a quick minute to subscribe to The Bishops' Wife blog! 


  1. I like the whales. Half our life seems to be at the beach so that one is right up our alley.

  2. Whales. For my bathroom.
    Your getting a freaking fish? I thought you were gonna get a puppy or maybe another nice chinchilla. A fish? Come on Jac.

    (It better be a cool fish)

    Love ya

    1. ha ha. that was a compromise. we decided fish after he told me about all the pets he has had die. a frog, a bird, and the chinchilla. too sad for my taste. although lucy was a pup a girl could die for!

  3. I like the whales....they remind me of delicious nickel-candies from the corner store I would buy as a kid. Plus, they kind of look like they're talking...which reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo and her extremely accurate whale calls.

  4. I like the undersea diver! How are you doing????? :)

    1. Sharon! We are well. It's fun to see you here!

  5. I follow your blog. And would choose the rhino! Awesome!
    justformeandyou2 at gmail