17 December 2009

Una ragazza fortunata


I am so excited and feel so blessed. I started with Hamlet Homes a month and a half ago sitting models three times a week. It wasn't much, but it was a job. I soon voiced my opinion on how to generate more traffic for these new homes and it was suggested to me that I get licensed and start the interview process to becoming a sales rep. I was reluctant "because of this market" but given the opportunity and having a company that is secure, I thought, why not? So I started the process and interviewed. I had to take character and personality tests and did fabulous on them. I was actually surprised and so was my boss. This morning I met with Dave and I was offered a sales rep trainee position! That means I get put on salary for three months until I am fully trained and licensed to sell new homes in new communities, Blake and I get benefits, and I will make a substantial amount more than we were so I can get Blake through school. I am thrilled. I feel so blessed. It was actually a really cool experience for me because it was the first time I had to go to the Lord and ask for not just myself, but "What would be best for us?" I have had intimate conversations with Him before, but I found myself really pleading for guidance. On a mission you are just so pumped full of the Spirit that no matter where you go, you learn the Lord had it planned. Well, now I still have the Spirit, but knowing what paths to take are a little harder to define. I know that wherever we go in life is part of a greater plan that Heavenly Father has already mapped out. Who we speak to and how we treat people is all part of the deal. He guides us. I felt so blessed to be able to have that kind of a connection with Him, where I felt like He was just opening up opportunities if my mouth word just open. I was asked in the interview if I will work Sundays(we aren't open now on Sundays, but they are considering a re-opening in a year) I waited for a minute and soon found myself saying, "Absolutely not." and I continued to express my beliefs and why I felt that way. I was finished and the CEO said, "Well that is a big day for real estate and we will have to discuss that when we make our decision." I felt this tug on my tongue and blurted out, "Sir, you hire me and not have me scheduled on Sundays, and I will sell more houses in a month than anyone will working Sundays." WHY DO I SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!? He smiled and took some notes and I left. I got into the car and had a long talk with Heavenly Father. First I asked why I have to be so outspoken and then I asked that if I got hired He had better send people my way so that promise would be possible. I hope He heard me;) I feel really blessed. Things aren't always GREAT, but we can be certain they will be. And things may be GREAT, but we can be certain it will get harder. Either way we have the knowledge and the assurance that Heavenly Father is in charge and that His plan is in affect. Sometimes we are just too blind to see. I am grateful for these little moments. I am grateful for a husband I can call and tell my good news to and he responds by letting me know he never doubts in my abilities. I love that. I need his strength. I am also grateful that business attire is so classy and I can get clothes tax free! I also want a briefcase bag. Maybe for Valentine's?

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