23 January 2010

Cadere innamorato di...

Today I am loving...

Just some little dears I am falling in love with...
  • I made the Oreo babies last night and they are divine, but not for the waistline. Really easy to make and fun if you would like to have a reason to squish cream cheese into cookie crumbs! I will post the recipe!
  • Blake got me the owl ring for Christmas...I mean New Years...I mean maybe for Valentine's? The lady at etsy messed up his order! Hopefully it comes.
  • I think I will always love Ashlee's sassy red locks. The Spring of 2008 I decided to embrace the natural red highlights in my hair and go all the way! I rather like it the best of all the do's. Maybe I will post my hair history soon. Then we can all laugh and point and remember it is what is on the inside that counts.
  • If I ever fall out of love with owls and tree decals something is terribly wrong! There is some kind of unexplained happiness in my soul when these are combined into some sort of wonderful decor masterpiece. Ahh! If only life could always have them in it. If anyone wants to get me a baby owl that remains tiny for it's whole life I will very grateful!
  • The headband thing may be a phase. Last Tuesday my sister Nat and I made about ten headbands, one of which I decided to wear today! I cut up an old shrug that I never wear and just sewed on a sweet little button. Nat's turned out rad. She makes them for Halle. Should I be concerned that the same headbands she chooses to make for Halle, I also choose to wear....Nahh!

To end this on a fabulous note I thought I would introduce you all to some musical magic. Sigur Ros (pronounced Cigar Ross) is a Finnish band that loves music. You can tell! They speak a made up language so it is nice and easy on the ears. Last night Blake and I watched their concert in Iceland. Incredible! Hoppipola is the theme song of our lives. Have a great weekend. Loves.

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