28 January 2010

Scripy Fa

Check out the cute scripture case I made. Blake and I have been meaning to get cool ones, but Deseret has pretty slim pickins, and when I say slim I mean, if I see one more leather scripture case patented in the 80's I might freak! Ha! So mine was the trial run. I will post Blake's when I get around to doing it. I am really enjoying crafty Tuesdays! I get to spend time with my sister and her kids and I just love it. Hooray for crafts!


  1. I am hoping to join ya on crafty tuesdays. Nat invited me last week to "get my craft on". I haven't done anyting crafty for a couple of years and I'm missing it. I want you to bring your cute pillows next tues so I can see how you did them. Love the scripture case. You should market those babies!

  2. I love that...tell me how you did it please :)

  3. Very cute...you should do a DIY tutorial!!!! We need to be free'd from the leather cases ..tehehe