27 February 2010

Ogni ragione di sperare

Prayer is the only way in which we can learn to hope. Yesterday I was discussing my current events with Mamasita and she said, "Lets just hang up and pray that something will happen right now." We did and the day progressed. I tried to keep afloat while life's little burdens steadied their weight around my waist. I got to spend the evening with my in-laws and really got to appreciate the "good" that comes with mortality. Before bed, I knelt, literally asking Heavenly Father for a miracle while apologizing for my dramatic personality. I felt better and just asked to be able to rest. This morning opportunities have been put into place. I feel liberated. I guess that is what hope does, it cuts you from the weight that causes you to feel overwhelmed. I am grateful that Heavenly Father is so aware of my needs. I don't think I would have chosen to play things out exactly this way, but that is why He is in charge and not I. He knows better. It can be frustrating at times to just "have faith and hope for the best", but it also teaches us dependency on the Lord, not on the world. There is none else I would rather depend on.

Just a sweet stop motion video I saw on one of my favorite bloggety blogs, bleubirdvintage
...kind of hopefully feeling, would you agree? PS- how do you like my new blog, Thanks Nat!

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