15 February 2010

San Valentino felice

Well Valentine's Day proved to be quite a smashing event. I always wonder why all the hub bub when really we could just love each other all the time. I guess it is just another holiday to get excited about.
To celebrate we went to dinner at the SkyBox with Mike and Deb, Nat and B, Mom and Dad Jones, Mom and Dad Bishop and the Huber's(Deb's parents) It is becoming a tradition to be together I guess. Last year Blake and I did the same thing except in Colorado at the Brio with the family along with Tim and Mustang. In fact, to make the holiday even more memorable, last Valentine's is when Blake finally decided that he liked me lotsy. We announced we were getting hitched! Oh the joyous occasion. After a over-portioned dinner, we decided to press our waistline luck and head over to Red Mango. Frozen yogurt...holy sin. I love it. We got to have my parents finally stay at our house this time around. They are always at Nat's, so that was really fun waking up to them Valentine's morning. We got to have breakfast and soak in the spring sun on the porch. We couldn't have asked for a better day.
I guess the Valentine craze kind of sunk in a little, by my sudden impression, each day I live my life I fall more and more in love with Blake. Like tonight we were driving singing Lonestar's, Baby I'm Amazed by You and I was lip syncing with his thumb and being super dramatic, it is the little moments when he looks at me with that face like, "I seriously married the craziest woman in the world", that I know he loves me. He just smiles and shakes his head. I love that. Why? Who knows? There is something about having someone love you for every ounce of "different, weird, quirky, sassy, and dramatic" that does it for me. Is he perfect? No, but he does a lot better than I do. He has set order to our home and the example for me to follow. I am grateful for you Blake. Happy Valentine's Everyday!

This was my Valentine's present. I have really been wanting to have tea parties so I started collecting the vintage cups! The solo pieces in front are actually my sweet Nana's. I got to pick that out of her china collection. The rest are absolutely fabulous and make this tall girl feel very dainty.

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