04 March 2010

I granchi di pizzicare pizzicano ai suoi sandali

Some more projects that I have been able to get done. I think have some sort of busy disorder. I can't sit. So instead I play!

Our new handles for the desk! I thought I would go with something a bit more neutral for the husband's sake.

This little guy is a work in progress. I am actually trying to find some sort of post to attach it to so that I can stick it in the little garden. I have a bird fetish and so I thought that instead of buying one for in my home I would invite the neighborhood fowl over.

Random but much needed to-do checked off. This used to be a very menacing, dark brown vent for our air intake. The cream just looks much more inviting, although I wouldn't recommend going down there.

I have a couple other projects I am working on, but I have yet to get them totally ready! When I do you will be the first to know.

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  1. Jac, you are just too darn cute. I miss you guys and I hope you both are doing well!
    Love, Jen