04 March 2010

Sei Mesi

So as of today I have been married for six months! I can not even believe how the time has flown by. Now obviously six months isn't that long and realistically it has felt more like six years...in a good way! I love being with Blake (I almost said Mr. Bishop but he doesn't love that). We really are best friends and it takes the whole "married time" to figure it all out. I think about how little about love I knew before I got married and how little of my heart I chose to give and now I can give everything! We get all of each other. Unfortunately Blake gets a lot more of a grumpy me than I get of him, I am working on that! I just feel very blessed. Blake gets cooler all the time and the more time passes the more madly in love I am. It is hard to imagine a time without him and when I do it just reminds me of how great it is now. Marriage is a really cool thing. I wouldn't say it is hard, I think it is just different than you think it will be. We still have magic moments and times when I feel like we are the only two people in the whole wide room! We dance in the kitchen, wrestle, and like to go to antique stores. I know I can count on Blake to keep me grounded and my life simple. That is what I want...simplicity! I think if we didn't have to worry about money and cultivating strong characters through hard work we would just move to California, live in a little shack, grow a garden full of hydrangeas, and go surfing.
We love each other...it is a good thing.

This song is one of those we will probably have on our 50th Anniversary slide show!
And we will dance to it!

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