02 May 2010

Happy Sabbath

A couple things that make me happy. I am ready for some changes in my life. I am not sure what they will be or where I will go with it, but I thought I would share my inspiration with you.

White and cream...I love this color combo. I need to figure out how I can make a bit more contemporary, but how delicious is that!
I would shower all day long. This is posted on emma's design blogg again! Check it out!

WHITE linen! On my heaven! I want to make this bed frame soon, all I need is some wood!
My love for birdies grows everyday. Maybe if I post it enough Mr. Bishop will get the hint:) Happy Sabbath All. Loves.


  1. Birdies! You know, a few budgies make life complete... One of mine just flew around my head a few laps, and is now chirping contentedly on the cageroof... :)

  2. Remember when we named them! Pip and Mary!